New game: Pac Man in CoSpaces

This is the first version of my new game on cospaces “Pac Man”, let me know what you think and keep me updated on any bugs/ elements that I could add before publishing it permanently. Thank you in advance! CoSpaces Edu :: PAC-MAN Beta 1.0 (Pc V)

For the moment the things that I definitely want to change are: improve the mechanics of the movement of ghosts using the pathfinding system that me, @Bladebob20000 and @techleapnz are developing (The Start of Pathfinding! (Ongoing Project)), add a menu with the possibility to customize the character, add the name of the player as a feature, create a global leadearboard with scores (maybe with some in-game prizes) and create different modes to try to detach a bit from the original game (maybe a 3D mode).


Hope you’re having a good day!

This isn’t a big bug, but I can see that if I click and drag on the objects on the title screen, the camera could look around. Perhaps you can make the objects clickable but not do anything? Also, as for the global leaderboard, since there hasn’t been a reply to this feature request, the only way to have one is to generate a short URL for a google forms, and have the player fill out the form with a screenshot like this game.



Thank you for the leadearboard advice I will consider it. About the first problem i already fixed it. Thank you vary much.

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