New to CoSpaces

Hello all. I teach 8th grade Science at a private school in Tennessee and we are considering utilizing cospaces at our school. Before taking the leap, I’d love to get in contact with others about the software and how they are integrating it into the curriculum. Is also be interested to hear if you are currently using it with the Merge Cube or just using the software by itself. Thanks for any help you can give me!


I am a kindergarten teacher and I love love love the alignment of CoSpaces with Merge Cube I became an Ambassador once I found out that they aligned! A few examples of how I use it is through ten frames, CVC words, spelling, and I am currently working on alphabetic recognition with emergent readers on the cube. I think you can use it endlessly for book talks, historical reports, ect. Your world is way different than mine, but if my kinders can do it I know you can!

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Id like to do this as well. Did you do it? What did you learn?

I’ve started using it and I am beginning a new project that appears to be going well so far. My students are creating atomic models using the Bohr model in the CoSpaces Merge Cube function. They are required to add code to it to make the electrons move throughout the atom as well as including an interactive key. Seems to be going well. I will update as the project continues.