No restart when switching back to a scene

I want my to create an adventure with different scenes. I want to use CoBlocks (not JavaScript) and I am quite a beginner.

My problem is:
After switching to another scene and going back again to the first scene all the actions of the first scene restart. Is it possible that all actions already took place stay when I switch to another scene?

For example, if a man walks to a wall in the first scene, he should be at the wall when I switch the scene and come back to the first scene, he shouldn’t start to walk again.

Hi @Hudson,

You can use Properties to store the current state. Please, take a look at this thread Transfer variables (scores) between scenes? to see the example of property usage.

If you store the position before leaving the scene to property, you can restore this position when you revisit the scene.

Hope that helps

Thank you so much for your quick answer!

I think I understand how properties work, even it seems a little bit more difficult with positions … I’m trying to figure it out.

Hi i do have the same problem but i don’t understand varieties