November update initial comments: still no video support and lack of VR mode for MERGE Cube

in the weekend i updated the Cospaces app on our devices. Please let me address you some early comments:

  • still no support for videos; it’s more than a year that is announced and said that will be release “soon”… at the beginning of september its release was “close”, then was “not part of next monthly update” (October). So i was really waiting for it with this November update… any final hint about its release?
  • while i believe the MERGE Cube support is a huge plus for Cospaces, i’m honestly disappointed about the lack of the VR mode support. With MERGE apps you can choose between ‘smartphone mode’ and ‘vr mode’; with the former you hold the smartphone (or the tablet) with one hand and with the other you hold the Cube (a bit cumbersome in my opinion, especially for young students when they have to touch the screen to proceed on in the app); with the latter you put the smartphone in a cardboard viewer (any model that allows rear cameras usage) and hold a nd rotate the cube with both hands, while occasionally you use one hand to press the button on the cardboard, Will you introduce the VR support in the next update?

Thanks in advance

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Dears, i didn’t get any reply about this… maybe is better to split the post into more posts, one for each topic… i’ll do it right now…