Obj file PNG transparency not working

Hi there, I checked similar topics on this but didn’t see any definitive answers…
I have an OBJ with a transparent material (a png of a leaf) that looks fine in Blender and in Windows’ 3D viewer, but for some reason the leaves don’t get that transparency when I upload to CoSpaces. I’ve attached a copy of the file here.PinOakTest.zip (2.3 MB)
If anyone can clue me in as to what I’m doing wrong, I’d sure appreciate the help.

I should add, that when I upload the same png file on its own, the transparency works. So something must be up with the obj file.

Ah, just came across this page: How to upload custom 3D models
I see now that alpha with transparency is not supported? Ouch. I have a tree with leaves and they aren’t going to look that good, lol

He @Will,
yes, at the moment alpha with transparency is not supported.

Thanks Nikolay. Do you know if/when this kind of support may be added?
Thanks again,


I have no information about it

Ok, thanks. Hopefully someday…