Obj zip looks black when uploaded

this is what it looks like when uploaded:

and this is the zip file:
uploads_files_17856_hedge_obj.zip (66.1 KB)

Hi @MoonAlien824 I worked on your model with Blender and I remapped texture and alpha channel (the problem, I think, was the alpha channel). Please take a look to this file and tell me if it is ok.

OBJcorretto.zip (67.6 KB)

Hope this helps and if you think that solves your problem then click solved on your post.

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This is what it looks like to me, can’t tell if it’s blurrier than yours, but it’s alright it doesn’t need high quality.

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Hi @MoonAlien824 I suggested you to search a photo with a higher quality. I love to use PIXABAY

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Hi @MoonAlien824 I’m glad that you solved, look at this version that has a better image for the texture (thank you @astrid_hulsebosch) but it is also more heavy to load.
Bye, Giuseppe

Here the new file:
corretto_new_texture.zip (1.0 MB)