Objects appearing upside-down after rotating path

I am making a Solar System to demonstrate to my students. To make the planets orbit in the correct direction, I rotated the circular path 180 degrees on the X axis. I have coded with CoBlocks and everything moves as it should, however the planets are upside-down. I assumed this was because the path was flipped and that objects align themselves with wherever the ‘top’ of the path is. So I rotated the planets 180 degrees on the X axis to counteract but it is still upside-down when played. What am I missing here?

Hi @bschofield,

when you command object to move on path, it stands up in the beginning of the path and directs its forward direction to the direction of the path. So rotating object on place won’t change their position or direction on path.

The best way to position object is to create ancillary object, make it invisible and attach original object to this ancillary object. Then you can reposition and rotate the planet object while it is attached and move the ancillary object on the path.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, Nikolay. I tried your suggestion but still couldn’t get it to work. But I have found another way to achieve what I am after. Instead of creating an ancillary object, I used the [turn > around axis > by > in sec] block and made the Earth rotate 180 degrees on the X-axis in 0.1 sec at the start of the code.

I am glad you found a solution.

Also, I created a sample for my suggestion. Feel free to remix and investigate it