Objects I create and upload don't link well with path

Dear PLN Ihttps://cospac.es/8ZLShave made a simple Krathong (Thai floating lantern) and it reverts to its original position when I run the code. Any help much appreciated.https://cospac.es/8ZLS

Hi @James_Knight1,

When an item is moved on a path it makes use of its pivot position. In most cases the pivot is at the bottom-side of items, but there’s always chance that custom items use a different pivot when uploaded to CoSpaces Edu. Here’s a way to solve this issue:

Parent the item you want to move to a helper-item

Create a new helper-item (for example: a Cuboid from the library) and place it in the scene. Now place the item you want to move inside or around the helper-item. Finally, use the item hierarchy to drag and drop the item you want to be moved so that it is nested under the helper-item. Make sure to use the helper-item in CoBlocks when you use the “move on path” CoBlock!

When you press Play the cube will move along the path. Since there is another item nested under the helper-item (as a “child” of the helper-item), it moves along with the cube.

Hope this helps!


Dear Stefan,

This support is outstanding. I really appreciate you taking the time to follow up on this.