Oculus Go and 13+ age restriction

during the setup of the Oculus Go, in one of the first screens is clearly written that the usage of Go id prohibited to children under 13. The same is written in the Go’s ToS https://www.oculus.com/legal/terms-of-service/ . I’m working with 6th-8th grade students and so i sadly have to select another device, “loosing” the remote controller and the ability to select things in VR with it (a huge advancement in term of UX). Do you know if there’s any opportunity to understand from Facebook why they put that restriction and if it’s possible to reconsider it while using Cospaces (and not the Oculus Go services)?


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This is a really tricky one with consumer VR being new and research around the development of young vision etc usually concluding VR is potentially tricky for under 13 year olds. Personally I think a school with parents can make their own decisions on this ie. where younger students are limited to much shorter sessions for instance?