Oculus Go Google Login

Has there been, or will there be, an update to allow Google ID users to sign in using Oculus Go?

Hi Brian,

The Oculus Go doesn’t provide Google sign in, but you can sign in with your Google email and a password that you set up in CoSpaces Edu.

  • Login to your CoSpaces Edu account using Google sign in.
  • In the settings, click “Change password”.
  • Type in the password you’d like to use and click “Save”.
  • Use your Google email and the password you’ve set to sign in with the Oculus Go.
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Cospaces now asks for your old password to reset a new password. When I type in my Google account password, it is saying it is incorrect. I don’t see any “forgot password” option, so how can I reset my password?

Hi Michelle!

CoSpaces does not ask you for your Google account password. For your own safety never ever enter your Google account password anywhere outside of Google login forms!

What CoSpaces asks you for is your CoSpaces password. If you don’t remember it, then log out of CoSpaces and follow instructions here. Make sure that you have access to your email – CoSpaces will send confirmation there.