Oculus go - gyro mode?

i can’t seem to view the co space scene in oculus go with VR gryro mode i.e. when i shift the headset, the scene does not move correspondingly - like how it works on google cardboard / smartphone. any idea? thanks

Hi @el2020,

Could you share the scene with us in which you notice this behavior? What kind of turning-behavior do you see in Oculus Go that is different on smartphone gyro/VR?

this is my link. what i meant is that when i view in Oculus Go, the scene doesn’t move, when i look around / left / right. the scene view is static - unlike via smartphone (which shifts due to gyroscope).

anything i did wrong in oculus go?

Hi @el2020,

We tested your space on our Oculus Go device and were able to look around freely.

Could you test other 360 spaces on your Oculus Go and confirm that looking around a 360 space is not possible for you? This issue could come from your device :confused: