Offline access / download of cospace?

is it possible to access a cospace offline / without internet access / via download? tk u

Hi @el2020,

This is not currently possible, and I think there would need to be a really good reason for the dev team to engineer CoSpaces to be viewed offline, given the amount of work this may require. It could be a Pro feature.

Where/When do you see this being needed?


Hello, Geoff, I wonder if instead of viewing scenes offline, one could perhaps just create offline backups of scenes created. An offline archive, if you will? So we do not depend only of the servers. Not even sure if that is a feature already… learning the ropes… :wink:

Hi @desmarins, it’s not a feature at the moment.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hello Geoff.

Thanks for the reply.

On another note, I wonder if through JS we could open an external browser window off system. As the system itself works on a browser that should be possible in theory. If we can emulate the bit we usually insert as variables perhaps we might be able to adapt the traditional xml code?

What do you think? _blank page target functions would be a valuable resource to content development.

Mathias Carvalho
( mobile )

Oh, I see. Well, hope it could be considered, seems like a useful feature - thanks!

hello, is it possible to access my cospaces on mobile app / VR oculus without internet access? tk u

Not for the moment