One scene is very laggy!

CoSpaces Edu :: Video Game Project, Spring 2023 Scene 5

Once you play this for about 20 seconds, it gets really laggy. There are not many items in it. Any suggestions as to why it does this? We have tried multiple accounts and computers, and it is always laggy. Thanks!

Hi @Kelly_Nickell its because of all of the forever loops, without a time delay these things will trigger 100’s if not 1000’s of times per second basically eating up all of the computers memory;
I’ve removed all of the forever “delete item events of item” because you only need to do this once (deleting something multiple times does nothing :smile:)
And I’ve removed all of the on click events out of the forever run parralel loop; The on click event only need to be run once for it to be initiated, after that whenever it is clicked it will run; No need to intitiate it over and over again.
Hope this fixed the issue for you!

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