Orbit objects in Solar System

Hi, I am hoping to create a lesson plan to have my students create a model of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. I would like them to be able to code the moon to orbit Earth while the Earth is simultaneously orbiting the sun. I want them to be able to show placement for lunar phases and eclipses.
What coding steps do I need to follow to make this happen?
Thanks for your help!


Hi @Victoria_Wilson,

You can start with creating a path around earth and moving a moon on it. Then create paths for earth and other planets.
You can explore and remix this space for reference https://cospac.es/8FHE
For lunar phases you can pause the path movement and draw sun rays or place created moon phases images or find you own way of showing how sun affects the shadow on the moon.
Also please check this space: https://cospac.es/0XRI

Hope that helps

Hi @Victoria_Wilson

Sounds like a great project! This is not an identical set of code but there is an Hour of Code Solar System tutorial which guides students through co-ordinates, generating orbits, altering speed and also having triggers for information as ‘On Click’ parallel code. This could definitely be adjusted to use in a CoSpaces project. In the example, one of the planets coding is already done but everything else needs to completed by the students.

Hour of Code Solar System

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