Our code is a fail mechanic, it works on one scene but not the other

On Scene 3, when we fall to the Glass Wall, we don’t return to our coordinates. But in Scene 2, it works. I am including a link to my game (not sure if you will have access or not).

Also, how do we make a ‘game over’ when our ‘future’ timer reaches 0?

Not working:
In both scenes the camera collides with a wall of some sort, and is meant to go back to a certain coordinate. Also it is basically the same code but it isn’t working. We need help.

and this is working:

Hi @Caleb_Lam,

please make sure to paste the Share link of your space. You get this link by clicking the Share-button located at the toolbar at the top next to the Play button.

If you do not find the Share-button and if you’re a student, please ask your teacher to unlock space sharing for your student account :slight_smile:

In your script you are setting two collision event handlers on the same item. Only one event handler of a type can be active on a single item. So in your case, your last collision event overwrites the previous one on the camera item.

The linked post below gives you some more insight on how to use event handlers (and collision handlers).

Your idea helped us out and fixed our problem, thank you.

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