Our new activities for coding. Please give us feedback!


Hey all,

Here are the two coding activities we have developed for the Hour of Code:

Pirate Plunder: https://class42.com/pirateplunder.html

Robot Rattle: https://class42.com/robotrattle.html

We kindly ask you to screen record your kids doing them. This will provide invaluable help for us.



These are great. I especially like the robot battle for its problem solving qualities.


I love these activities. Great introduction to CoSpaces and block coding. Any chance of getting a level 2 before December?


These are great. I can see using these activities as an introduction to using CoSpaces and how to code. Great work!


Are these ok to talk about publicly yet? Maybe even sneak preview for session attendees?


Yes, you can share them. However, please use the links above, not the direct links to activities, as those might change.

@btcostello05 which session are you talking about?


Will test them tomorrow with my students!



I did a session yesterday on AR/VR which unsurprisingly had a large section on CoSpaces. I mentioned it for Hour of Code but didn’t show the activities because I didn’t see this message in time.
I will try them with some kids soon though. Thank you!


A very creative hook to get kids introduced into cospaces edu. Also, the lessons brought on teamwork in my class, which will help. I will try to get a student video recorded today and send it over. Thanks for these lessons.



Hey, @amandafoxstem I am not seeing the videos?


Level 13 and 15 were a little bit tricky for the young students.


Completed the Pirate activity. It would be great to see the code on the side while the movement is taking place.


Thanks for sharing! The link to the video seems to be broken though.



I would like to try the Hour of Code activity with my students. How do I go about assigning this activity to my class? I clicked on the Sign Up link and it just took me to my class of students, but it didn’t add the activity.



You don’t need to assign the activities to your class. Just visit our activity websites and click on the “Play now” button and you will be redirected automatically.

Pirate Plunder: https://cospaces.io/edu/hour-of-code/pirate-plunder
Robot Rattle: https://cospaces.io/edu/hour-of-code/robot-rattle


Thank you for these proposals for beta tests.
I do not plan to use this type of activity with my grade K10 to K12 students. I prefer to use the current version of Blockly by providing functions to simplify the code if necessary. The principle with scenes is enough for me if I wish to have progress in stages.

However, I also create activities for grade K1 to K9 students. I would be interested to be able to create by myself activities with a simplified interface.
Some remarks on this new interface proposed in these two activities:

  • I would prefer that this interface does not move away unnecessarily from the usual interface of CoSpaces: navigation in the scenes at the bottom, button run at the top right, … It would facilitate the transition.
  • The idea of ​​the instructions for each scene is very interesting and could be generalized in CoSpaces.
  • The Help and Continue buttons should be really fixed. A real HUD is missing in CoSpaces.
  • A block can easily be moved: it is very good but it’s a pity that this is not the case in Blockly.
  • A trash can be added for students who do not understand how to delete a block.
  • In Robot rattle, the symbols “clockwise” and “countrary clockwise” are reversed and the time out blocks the proper functioning.
  • It would be interesting for the teacher or even the students to easily modify the proposed mechanisms to create their own stages (and the corresponding code).

My students have just returned from a two-week vacation. I proposed this week to my grade K11 students to test these two activities (independently, at home). A student (Quentin H.), who knows CoSpaces well, has already finished the Pirate plunder and gave me his feedback on this activity:

"The negative points :

  • Audio
    We sometimes have up to 4 to 5 audio tracks that start at the same time, moreover, they are not interresting and too repetitive.
  • Loading time
    You have to wait every time you press a button. Even at home with a broadband connection it takes 1 min to charge the scene at the beginning. The time to start each test really disrupts the process of the student who wants to test the behavior corresponding to different versions of his code. I understand why the title is “hour-of-code” … :frowning_face:
  • Too repetitive
    It’s usually always the same at every step of the activity. I understand why it was done like that, and I have no way to improve it.

The positive points:

  • Solutions are given
    When the student fails to take a step, he may have the solution.
  • Integrated help
    For “complex” blocks help is offered. Of course, it is only really useful if it is translated into the student’s language.
  • Diploma
    If you come to the end of the activity you can get a wonderful diploma. But if we click on the last step of the activity, we also have the diploma :wink:


I did these activities with 6th grade students who had never seen CoSpaces. In generalthey loved it. They even asked to play it voluntarily during their lunch period.

One issue they found with the robotic arm game was that at one point they missed the bin for the box and still were given credit for completing it successfully.


Hi @btcostello05,

glad your students like the activity! Do you know in which of the ten levels this bug happened?