Our new activities for coding. Please give us feedback!


Level 5 I believe, but I wasn’t able to recreated the glitch. It looked like the box was touching the wooden base from the outside causing it to register as successful?


I’m wondering why you chose to use a different interface and blocks than in the Cospaces Blockly environment? I’d love the Hour of Code to be a true introduction to CoSpaces and then my students could easily transition into coding their own worlds with Blockly.



Hi Michelle,

we’re working on a new and improved version of Blockly and an early version is already used in the activities. Eventually the current version of Blockly will be completely replaced with the new version.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your feedback!
These two activities are not designed as introduction to CoSpaces coding, but rather show an example of content that will be coming to the CoSpaces platform. We will later design activities that will introduce people to CoSpaces coding, so they will have real CoSpaces blocks.
And as Benny mentioned, we are working on our own interface of Blockly because this will open it up for all platforms, web/tablets/phones/VR/AR.


The activity is great. The QR code for viewingVR was Abit slow to show up. I assume easy person gets a unique one generated for their specific scene. Great work guys. Would love some more control on the speed of moves


YES! That sounds fantastic. Intro to CoSpaces coding would be awesome. Will this take place in blockly and java?


Hello! I’m testing out Robot Rattle using my Mac. After completing the first few lessons, I clicked View in VR, used my phone to scan the QR code, and when the world opens up in the CoSpaces EDU app, it doesn’t save the coding I’ve done. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? If students use this for Hour of Code via the links or via the Hour of Code sight without logging in, will they be able to view their work in VR? Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


@Stefan any idea about @mgalanis query?


Hi mgalanis,

try restarting your mobile app and scan the code again if you experience that problem. We’re working on optimising code sync between devices. Sometimes you have to wait for a moment for the code to sync, too (depending on your internet connection) :slight_smile:

Yes your students can view their work in VR without logging in at all! They just need the CoSpaces Edu app on their phones and scan in the code. Make sure their phones are connected to stable internet.


Thank you, Stefan & @Ben! I will try what you suggested (including being more patient for the syncing to occur). ha :slight_smile:


Great work here on these. Kids have done well with this and I am really enjoying the group work and how they team up to help each other out when one struggles. Thanks!


Quick update on my previous question @Stefan & @Ben. Your suggestions worked! I was able to see the coding changes I made when viewed in VR successfully. TY!


Woohoo! Glad it worked and everything is ok :slightly_smiling_face: let us know if we can do anything else to help…


Just tried Robot Rattle - the icons for Clockwise/Counter-clockwise in Blockly need to be switched.

Aside from that, awesome, and interested in whether opening this up to educators to create their own (and share) is in the roadmap?


Thanks for noting. This will be fixed with the upcoming update this weekend.
And yes, we are working full-speed on making it possible for educators to create their own activities. And not only for coding but for other subjects, such as physics, math and robotics.



@amandafoxstem do you have the video on YouTube? The Google Video link you posted doesn’t seem to be valid anymore.


These were great! I used them to introduce CoSpaces to my students before giving them their accounts. It was a great introduction to what CoSpaces is and to Blockly. I’d actually love more of these for teaching Blockly. I work with 4th and 5th graders.


GREAT!! I want to do it.


Is there a way to have student progress saved? I have an EDU account, but sent the Robot Rattle link directly to my students. If they attempted to login, they couldn’t access the material any longer (it took them into their class).

Also, several students experienced the site crashing throughout our 45 minute work period. This happened to 5 of my 8 students. It was not consistent with time or a certain level. This happened after level 2 twice, level 4, and level 6 twice. We refreshed the page (all progress on the status bar was deleted) but were able to continue on the next level.