Photos inside tube

I made a round room using a tube, camera is inside. Now I want to put photos on the wall, inside this tube. Put when doing so, the photos stick to the outside. How can I stick them to the inside?
thanks, rdw

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Since the tube is round, it is not possible to attach a flat image to a surface like the inside of a tube. Iā€™m not sure how the images attached to the outside, but a possible suggestion would be to position the image on the wall instead of attaching it. You can do this by setting the snap to the lowest setting possible, to improve accuracy.

That makes sense. Thank you for your comment!

you could make a box and attach the image but that might ruin it

I changed the room, now using an octagon of eight walls instead of the tube. I wanted to make the walls transparent anyway, so for me this is a great solution. Thanks for thinking along!