Physical Education Topic in the gallery


What do you think about a Physical Education topic in the gallery?

Ther’s a massive community of spezialiced teachers looking for digital resources to combine with their lessons.

See you! :slight_smile:

  • :+1: It would work
  • :-1: It’s not going to work

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hello @DaniYubero,
I’d just like to put in my two pennies worth: certainly the field of physical education is very broad and for certain aspects of the discipline it covers the scientific field, in other aspects the sphere of expression of body language and also science of nutrition, robotics in cinematic chain, civil convictions, teamwork, etc.; in addition, the projects you are likely to carry out will have a good deal of coding. Starting from these assumptions, rather than creating a specific section of the discipline (imagine how many specificities there are in all the other disciplines) perhaps it is better to insert meaningful titles in order to be found easily thanks to the search engine inside the forum, what do you think? Maybe it would be possible to implement a system of tags in order to refine the search.
I can’t wait to see your works :slightly_smiling_face:
Bye, Giuseppe

That would be a great idea! If we could use a tags system suggested by the search engine when we publish a CoSpace, surely will help us to make groups or search other productions according to our interest!

Grazie mille per il suo post @Giuseppe_Schiuma :slight_smile:

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@DaniYubero if you add the tag to the title of your CoSpace, it will be searchable.

Yes, but a CoSpaces can fit in many topics, so the title would be so long, for example, easily a Cospaces can fit in #steam, #childhoodeducation, #physicaleducation, #spanish, #game.

Maybe would be usefull the topic suggested by the searching engine system here when you write a #

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I agree - I’m just telling you what works currently. Feel free to start a new topic with the feature request tag for this (but maybe also search the forum to see whether this has already been suggested in the past).

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For sure!! Many thanks for your opinion! It was so valuable!! :slight_smile:

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