Physics objects going through static objects at high velocity

I’m building a pinball game and am having trouble with the physics. When the ball is pushed at a high velocity (30+) toward a static object it goes right through. When at a lower velocity it bounces off properly.

Hover over the plunger to fire.

I’ve tried setting both the ball and/or the wall to have precise collisions on. I’ve tried setting the wall opacity to 100%. I’ve tried making the wall and the base thicker to give more time for the collision calculation. None of these worked.

I tried setting the physics speed to .5, which slowed everything down. When I set the velocity to 100 to compensate it worked sometimes, but sometimes still shot through.

Any ideas?

Hi @ianostrom,

Please check out the post below to get some pointers on how to improve your physics collisions :slight_smile:. In your particular case I’d recommend increasing the depth of the pinball level, and scaling up items.