Pick an object and palce it on the hud

Hi all,
I’m trying to create a “pick object” system that simulate a classic game interface. When picked the object I want put it int the game hud scaling it and face it on a predefined direction. I’m using 2 dummy object, camera_Pick and object_look to set position and orientation of picked object. The result is that each time, object picked, has different orientation.

what am I doing wrong?


@Luca_Garattoni Hi Luca, I really like the hud and attention to detail already! Like being too far away from the object to pick it up. Great work! A way to prevent the problem would be to set the objects orientation to the camera’s. Since the camera will adjust the orientation while looking around if the object is attached. I’ve made a mockup using coblocks I hope this helps, looking forward to seeing more of your game!


Thanks a lot! I will focus on your solution.


Great solution and UI here @Luc! My only comment is that I would place the item much closer to the Camera and scale it much smaller, so that it doesn’t disappear when close to other objects (e.g. walls).

On a slightly different tangent, @Luca_Garattoni , this demo shows how to keep a HUD across multiple Camera views, with Scripting:


I was very busy. Thanks all for your support. I will focus on your example.

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