Pico G2 VR Headsets

Hi everyone,

I have a number of schools that want to purchase VR headsets for viewing CoSpaces and other educational content. We are lucky to have 3 Oculus Go and a Quest which are great. Most of my schools cannot afford to purchase a set of Quests. The Gos would be a great option (in fact I find them the easiest to deploy quickly into a class session).

So, I’m looking for another option similar to the Go. Lenovo Mirage Solo is dead too! I have discovered the Pico G2, which looks very similar to the Oculus Go and it integrates with the Viveport platform.

Does anyone have an experience with these headsets?


Hi iaincb,

Did you end up going with the Pico G2? We are looking at replacing our Oculus Go headsets as well, and are investigating good options.


I tried to see if we could source them but no luck so far. Still a viable option though if I find a supplier.

Hey Iaincb,

Just a follow up… were you able to get a Pico up and running? My school now has 6 paperweights (Oculus Go), so I’m currently looking for a new option for a headset for next year.

Hi! We haven’t been able to find a supplier in nz for the pico headsets, but we are still happily using our go’s…they’re not paperweights yet!
All you need to do is use the oculus browser instead of the CoSpaces app.
We also use Grove management with them which makes life so much easier for us too!


Thanks for the advicem I’ll have to check it out again. Haven’t been able to use the Gos since last March, so I’ll have to see how it acts in the browser.