Pictures always show same way on both sides?

Curious on how to change a photo so that it does not give the reverse image when you look at it on the other side. Example being if I had a photo strip of the numbers 1-10 (left to right), when I look at the other side it would show 10-1 (left to right). Hope that makes sense…Same would be with a photo of a person, I would like to see or get the mirror image , not the same exact image. Thanks

the first thing came to my mind, as a workaround, is to upload a second image, mirrored, and put appropriately close to the other, on its other side

In CoSpaces, imported image is automatically flipped when the view change from the front to the back.
Is there a way to stop this flipping?

Thank you, and if the image and transparent background and not symmetrical, any way to work around this?

not sure about what you mean by ‘not symmetrical’, you don’t need to have a symmetrical image to mirror it…

The problem that I can see that if you have an image with numbers from 1 to 10 flipping it horizontally won’t produce any meaningful result (eg it won’t produce an image with numbers from 10 to 1).

See example here



Sometimes, though, I agree that this may have sense.