Playing and Pausing Videos

Hi, how might I be able to play - and more importantly - pause a video in Cospaces? We built an exhibit that contains multiple short documentaries, but I’d very much like it for visitors to be able to stop or pause a video after they have started it- otherwise it won’t stop and when they click on another video the audio plays all at the same time.

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Hi @DrMaxwell,

You could turn off Autoplay for the Videos so they do not play when the Scene starts.

Then you could use “Play video” and “Stop video CoBlocks” for controlling video. For example, add onClick event CoBlock on VideoItem and play the video only once when it is clicked.

You can also add a stop button near Video to stop the video on click.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions if it is not clear

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This feature request has now been implemented as a separate pause video CoBlock - see Play and Pause videos - #4 by techleapnz for a remixable example of how to use this block in your CoSpace.

Geoff @ TechLeap