Playing/Pausing Videos using javascript

Hi. I was wondering how I can play and pause videos in cospaces. I know how to do it using coblocks, but I wanted to know if it is possible to do using javascript. I do not see any documentation for videos in the Cospaces Api Documentation, so I was not sure if it is possible. In javascript, I would like to be able to make the video be able to start, and also be able to stop the video. Thank you!

Hi @Joshua_Trattler,

Thank you for your request. We are working on it and will add this functionality in one of future releases.

Hi @Joshua_Trattler,

This feature request has now been implemented. You can see the API documentation for playing, pausing, and stopping videos at Video |

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this. If this resolves your issue, please mark this post as the Solution.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

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