Please help me in this

My job is to make sure that when I press my character he will stop walking and talk to me and then continue walking.
Could someone please help me?
Kind Regards

I am not really sure about your blocks, but to do what you explained you need this secuence:

When X is clicked
Move X on Path Y
X says “…” for 2 seconds
Move X on path Z

Hey David, Yellow block are only initiated (meaning they can trigger) after it plays in the code;
Currently your code does this:
Walk around for 80 seconds,
Then once thats done allow the player to click on the chemist, and immediatly start walking around for 5 seconds.

To fix this you can use the “run seperate” block, this means whatever is inside the block will still happen, but immediately continue with the rest of the code at the same time;

We put the walking cycle in a “run seperately” block, so it will initiate the on click event at the same time; Allowing people to click on the chemist while they are walking. Then inside of the yellow block we put the walking cycle at the end so the chemist will continue walking after it is done talking;

Here is an example:

Hope to have helped, and good luck!

Thank you, but could you also please take a screenshot of the code so that I will know and use it for other objects?
Kind Regards

Hey @david_ativie, if you click on my link and press the little + button called “Remix” you’ll get a copy of that cospace added to your cospaces; Allowing you to take a look at the code.

Ok thank you very much