Possible Bug on iPad and iPhone?


Is there some sort of new bug that prevents a shared space from displaying when using the shared link on a tablet or iPhone? It was working perfectly last week, but tonight, I am testing some new shared spaces on my tablet and every time I follow the link, it brings me to the gallery page as not the splash page of my space. Works well on computers, but not on tablets or iPhones.
Is this a new bug?

Thank you

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, even the long link redirects my students to the gallery on iPad and iPhone.

Tom Ansuini

Hi @Tom_Ansuini,

Thanks for pointing this out. We can confirm that the links do not work when the app is not running in the background by the time the links are clicked.

We scheduled a fix for this issue to be made available as soon as possible. This process can take a few days.