Presenting cospaces at our open door day

Hi team,

Our school will present itself to our future students on January 22th. Among other things I would very much like to show our potential clients several “cospaces”.

We have a few products of our own students, although we have been working with cospaces no longer than 6 weeks…

So here are a few questions:

Are there any materials available I can download/print/use ???
Is perhaps someone willing to share some ideas or - even better - experiences?
Anything else that would be helpful?

TIA for your answers

Regards Frank

Hi @Frank_Claessen,

You can find a lot of materials on our “Getting Started” page.

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Hi Frank! There are tons of great projects in the Gallery, and we just completed our first big project. You’re welcome to check it* out; it’s a shared Space that showcases all of our students’ 3D modeled art projects in a Virtual Art Gallery. The “sculptures” were all made in TinkerCAD then uploaded to the shared Space as .obj files. We are working next on “building” the museum interior.

Hi all,

Thanks for the suggestions - our open day has been a huge success.
Without fail students were attracted the most by the platform-games