Pro Version Account Issues

We have teachers signed up for the free Pro version. We would like to get Pro after it runs out.
I teach 5 classes of 25 in Math only. Those 5 classes are seen by other teachers for various subjects. Does each student need a seat for every class? Would get very expensive fast. Wondering how to work it that each student is paid for, but can gain access to their account in every subject they will use CoSpaces for. Help? Thanks!

@WPenner, hi,

Thanks for your message!
Every teacher and every student will take up 1 seat each. Independent of how many classes or assignments the students join, they’ll just need 1 seat each. (The same way as in real-life school.)

We’ve also prepared a short tutorial on seats and joining/renewing our license plans. It might also help, you can watch it here.

Let us know, if you need anything else.

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