Problem logging into App on Daydream


We’ve got the App loaded onto our Lenovo Mirage Solo headsets.
The issue is with logging in to the CoSpaces EDU app… we aren’t able to actually enter in both the username as well as the password and then log in.

On the screen where it has the fields to fill out username/password, once you click into either of the fields, you can’t go anywhere else.

We’ve made sure everything is up-to-date, tried different headsets, etc. When we try to go to CoSpaces in Chrome on the headsets, it only allows us to download the app, which puts us back where we started (not being able to log in and view the assignments within a class.)

The app itself works ok as far as viewing the gallery goes…

Any suggestions?


Hi @ejee,

There’s an issue with Daydream log-ins which we’re fixing right now. I’ll keep you posted on an update :slight_smile:

Ah. Thank you so much for letting me know! - Looking forward to hearing about it being resolved so we can play! :grinning:

Hi @ejee,

The issues were resolved. Head over to your Daydream device and update the app, then it should work :slight_smile:

WooHoo! That was quick! Thanks so much - have a great day.