Problems with logging in and loading projects

Our school have purchased around 160 accounts for our students. However, during the lesson on last Friday (May 20) morning, 10 among 30 of our students failed to log in. Even if they succeeded to log in after several attempts, the platform still failed to load the projects needed for the class. In several occasions when one of them finally logged in and loaded the project, another student in the same class was “kicked out” of the platform and could not use it properly.
The same situation has happened before on the morning of May 6. After the first time of such situation, the platform seemed to work normally for a week or two but it took place again last Friday. Please let us know how we can solve this problem. Thanks!

@Stefan or @EdTechnocation will give you the best answer. Until they will reach out, in my personal meaning I can immagine it’s due to the internet connection. Did you checked this out? In my school we can’t afford to connect with so many devices at the same time. (Your are lucky people!)

I have experienced this in the past with my classes and it is due to internet hick-ups. Are you able to work with your IT department to monitor traffic flow and bandwidth in your classroom while your students are working in CoSpaces? This will help to determine if internet connection is causing problems.

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Thanks Michael for answering. @EdTechnocation