Purple background in student space

I have one student in my class whose space (Merge Cube) ist purple when I click on it. Can someone tell me what that means or where it could come from?

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Hi @petiteprof79,

The student probably create 360 Image CoSpace and didn’t set any background image.
You could create a new Merge Cube CoSpace using “Create CoSpace” button in dashboard and then selecting MERGE Cube.

If it wasn’t the issue, please share that CoSpace so I could take a look at it

I gave them an assignment with a Merge Cube and the space is purple.

Have a look: CoSpaces Edu :: Kaufmann

The purple environment filter was set for this CoSpace due to a bug.
It didn’t affect anything and CoSpace works as it should in both Play and Edit modes. If the student dislikes the color, he could change it in the Environment tab.

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Hi Nikolay, thank you. I wonder how that happened - but good to know. I will let the student know!