Purple background in student space

I have one student in my class whose space (Merge Cube) ist purple when I click on it. Can someone tell me what that means or where it could come from?

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Hi @petiteprof79,

The student probably create 360 Image CoSpace and didn’t set any background image.
You could create a new Merge Cube CoSpace using “Create CoSpace” button in dashboard and then selecting MERGE Cube.

If it wasn’t the issue, please share that CoSpace so I could take a look at it

I gave them an assignment with a Merge Cube and the space is purple.

Have a look: CoSpaces Edu :: Kaufmann

The purple environment filter was set for this CoSpace due to a bug.
It didn’t affect anything and CoSpace works as it should in both Play and Edit modes. If the student dislikes the color, he could change it in the Environment tab.

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Hi Nikolay, thank you. I wonder how that happened - but good to know. I will let the student know!

Hi Nikolay,
I’ve had the same issue happening again with two teachers in a teacher training seminar. I think it is an issue that is linked to their signing in with a Microsoft account instead of an student account. The others used a normal student account and everything was fine. Just the two who accidentally used the Microsoft account instead had purple backgrounds and weren’t able to work in anything.
When I reset their space, the color disappeared, when they logged in again, it reappeared.

Thank you very much for that information. That will help us a lot to investigate the issue

Thank you. Please let me know if the MS login is what caused the problem. This could become an issue with students on a large scale because more and more schools use Office365 and the students have MS logins they might want to use.

The bug was connected to MS login and is fixed now. It will go live with the next update!

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what do you want have a merge cube