Quick questions

I was facilitating CoSpaces sessions last week and a couple of things popped up that I am trying to remember the answers to.

  1. What were the differences between the online and mobile versions of CoSpaces? Attaching objects and were there still coding differences?

  2. Also, I noticed some of my spaces that had the older version of coding blocks are starting to have issues. Is this the case if they were created on the older coding version?


Hi @meleftheros,

  1. Attaching objects is currently only available for the online (web) version of CoSpaces, that is correct. Visual coding with CoBlocks is both supported on web version and mobile (tablet only)
  2. The old coding blocks will be discontinued and converted into CoBlocks in the future. Some issues with old Blockly coding could happen, but to know the exact issues you could send us share-links to the affected spaces so we can investigate the problems :slight_smile:

Hope that helped!

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