Random Objects and Strings Showing Up in Assignments

Students are reporting that various random objects and strings are showing up in their assignments. Why would this happen and how can we prevent this from happening?

I am assuming that their CoSpaces are private (none of them are currently listed/shared).

Hi @CreativeSTEAMStudio ,

This is indeed a worry, as it looks like a kind of script/SQL injection. Please send a direct message to @Nikolay and where possible, share a remixable example.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi @CreativeSTEAMStudio,

that could happen if other students are able to pick up a password or the password list was compromised. Could you please check that the list of accounts is not stored in a public place and the students who share the same account cannot log into it after the lessons. You could also update the passwords with unpredictable combinations.

Hope that helps