Recommendations for standalone headsets

I am wondering what standalone headsets are recommended for use with CoSpaces. Our school is investigating some options, and it would be great to hear from some users.

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Hi @Karen_Redmond,

This is a very fast-changing market, but in our Tech Check you can always find what is new and the most relevant to CoSpaces Edu.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much that is helpful.


Hi Karen,

We take the classVR sets into schools and they seem to work quite well. The onscreen keyboard lets pupils login to the headsets as well as either the desktop editor or an iPad so that pupils can work together on the same space, one in VR one in the on screen editor.

This is particularly handy for design snagging, making sure doorways are the correct height etc which some pupils don’t see wheen using the “2D” editor.

Pupils also like that they can log in on their phones and use a google cardboard at home.

hope that helps.

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