Recovering Deleted Blockly Pages

Is there a way to recover a deleted a Blockly or script page? Pressing Ctrl+Z only seems to undo changes directly in the code area itself, not with the pages as well.

Also, is there an easier way to re-arrange the code pages then copy/pasting the code from one to another?

Hi Jay,

like you already mentioned, you can undo recent changes by pressing ctrl + z (or cmd + z on mac). But this effects the current coding tab only and as long as you didn’t close the editor.

Nevertheless, I agree that there is room for improvement and we’re already working on extending features for the editor :+1:

What exactly do you mean when you say “an easier way to re-arrange the code pages”?

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If you have multiple pages and realize you need the code you wrote in page two to run before page one’s, currently there appears to be no way to simply drag the page two in front of the page one code to change their run order.

To reorder it, we created a third page, coded and pasted the code from page one, then deleted it, making page two the new page one, and the third page the new page two.

Ok I see, thank you.

This answer should partially also apply to your issue. We’re working on the import/export feature for variables and functions. Then it should be much easier to organize code across multiple script tabs. You’ll definitely hear from us via the newsletter and here in the forums when it’s ready.

Regarding reordering script tabs. This is a feature which isn’t implemented at the moment and it must be discussed with our developers. I’m going to forward it to the team.

Thanks for the feedback!