Remix this Presentation Template Space

Can I please request to have this space “Presentation Template” allowed to remix. It is in the Gallery but it can’t be remixed right now.

This is not a space from CoSpaces team, but is a derivative work made by some other CoSpaces user. We don’t yet allow to remix that.

However you can remix original Presentation template space by CoSpaces team: CoSpaces Edu :: Presentation Template

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Is there a way to edit the information? I want to get students to make their own. Will the need to make one from scratch? I cant figure it out.

Hi @MrBramley,

Yes, they can edit it!

First click on the link:

Then click on the “Remix” button (on the right hand side) and the space will appear in your “My Spaces” session. From this point on you can edit it. Your students should follow the same steps.

I hope this helps!

Hi @Viktoria

What does the remix button look like? I cannot see it. When I open the link I can only see the play button and a sound button…


Hi @MrBramley,

If you can’t see the remix button, it means that you’re creating in CoSpaces Edu Basic. Remixing is only available in CoSpaces Edu Pro and the button looks like this:

I hope this helps!

@EdTechnocation The space you wanted to use was not remixable, however, that space is based on a template the CoSpaces Team created and published in the Gallery. You’ll be able to remix that version:
We are also working on making our templates easier to find.

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I actually found the original from the lesson plan on the CoSpaces Edu website! I had trouble finding it in the gallery though, but I got it! Thanks, everyone!