Remixing issue for a space

I am having trouble allowing remixing on some of my spaces that were used for the lessons we created for the site resources. If I go in to edit the space and update sharing settings, it shows that it is remixable, but it isn’t able to be remixed.

Here’s the link to one of the spaces if anyone can help or take a look:


Hi @Jennifer_Cauthers,

If you are the owner of a shared space you do not see the remix button (since it’s your own space) :slight_smile:.

I checked out your space and can confirm that the remix button is visible (since I’m not the owner of the space)

Thanks Stefan. I was told by others that the remix button was not there for them, so wasn’t sure what the issue was. I see the edit button which I totally understand and there was no way to test it for me (I tried in an incognito window but that didn’t help since I wasn’t logged in on some sort of an account).

Always so helpful Stefan!