Resize cuboids with high precision

I want some fine control over the size of my objects, but I need it to be very precise as well. I can manually move an object to an accurate position using the Transform menu and changing the numbers to the position I need.

However, I need to have the same type of precision for the length, width, and height of some cuboids in my Scene as well. It appears that the Transform menu does not have any number fields for length, width, and height.

How do I resize a Cuboid using a precise method such as number entry?
I would like to clarify that dragging the resize handles on cuboids does not work for me, it is not precise enough because I need snaps to the nearest centimetre (0.01 m), dragging has infinitely many values between centimetres. The Snapping tool does not work, the closest it gets is sixteenth-metre snapping, I need hundredth-metre snapping, precisely.
I cannot have a cuboid that says is 0.07 m long when it is actually 0.0715 m long. The measurements must be precise and accurate.


I checked it out, and your concern is legit, so I made a CoSpace to showcase the issue:

What’s your use-case, Darren?

Geoff @ TechLeap

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It’s not really important, I just want the CoSpace to be polished, and I’m very picky when it comes to the location and size of my items. I wish Snapping had lower values for the picky ones but that really isn’t helpful.

Could I use TypeScript to adjust the width/height of the cuboid as soon as the Scene is played?

Yep, absolutely you can.