[Resolved]Need to remember some text during the game

Hi all,
I want that student write his name , his town… and at the end, a character ask him “your name is … and you live in …”.
I think i must create variable (VARname, VARtown) and during the game asking student to answer with a function (new function ? item text ? “ABC”) : “What’s your name” and student write it…
I don’t find how i could do this. I don’t think it’s hard but i don’t find the soluce.
Thanks for help :wink:

Hi @dthomas80,

You would need to build a keyboard interface for the user to click, in order to gather feedback. When a letter is clicked, you would add that letter to your variable (and display the result).

It’s not difficult to code, just fiddley to lay out nicely and give good user feedback (e.g. key movement) - something like CoSpaces Edu :: Piano keyboard but for QWERTY keyboard.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this. If this solves your problem, please mark this post as the Solution.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

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Thks for this tip. It’s look like the good one, just finally more harder that’s it could be just for writing a text.
i will try it and see (or use genially for doing the same thing easily if it’s too long to code)
Best regards.

EDIT : i try it. I try to input “a” and “b” on the keyboard for see it in a text. When i hit A or B, the “new text” change but become empty. A or B didn’t appear. I don’t understand what i must insert in the VAR (see yellow arrow on screen. i remove the try so it’s empty on screen ;)). An idea ?

Your variable is fine - the problem is when you add/join the A object to it. Use the following instead, so that you’re adding text, not an object:

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Thanks a lot, it’s good :ok_hand: :+1:
i just need to change the “press” opton, because by default, i press “A” and it write two or three “A”. I put “press down” and it’s OK now. One more THANKS