Roller coaster items for library

would you be able to add objects to the library used to create a roller coaster? I would love to create a fun roller coaster challenge for STEM. I know you have blocks that can be manipul Would love different types of ramps, tunnels, also a sphere that I could attach the camera but would keep the camera from rolling itself.

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Hi @Jeannette_Scipio!

Our Ambassador @Jennifer_Cauthers worked on fun physics spaces with ramp building blocks over at this thread: Curved Ramps to build in a space?

Her spaces are all about using Newton’s Laws and using path building blocks to create your own route. This could be expanded by attaching the camera item to one of the rolling balls to experience the path in first person! Below is an example which you can copy to your spaces via press of the remix button

Please keep in mind: Spaces in which the camera moves very quickly (such as when sliding down this path) can quickly turn to uncomfortable experiences when watched in VR. Often it is more fun to watch and explore a VR space on your own pace instead of having control over movement taken away from the player.

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Thanks @Stefan!
@Jeannette_Scipio- My husband and I had a fun time building the Newton’s Laws spaces. The easiest thing we found came from one Stefan’ssuggestions - make “templates” to build the ramps that can just be copied over and over again and possibly just slightly rotated as needed.

We didn’t attach the camera to the ball though but let viewer watch from a distance. Feel free to message with any questions.



Thank you! I will try it.