Rotating object on its own axis

Hello, it’s me again.

I’m trying to make an object rotate in its own axis, but it seems like it is moving outside of it.

I’ve seen some topics on this forum but I couldn’t find a solution.

What am I doing wrong?

Could you please help?

I’m sharing the cospace here: CoSpaces Edu :: Physics-shareable

The object is named aro but I’ve created another object for testing named aro2.

Thanks very much.

Hi @aneontherocks,

Because you’re rotating a custom object, it may have a different pivot point which is not centred - I’m unsure of how this is specified in the object, but it does seem that it’s slightly off-centre.

I suggest recreating & grouping your object using CoSpace building objects in Library > Building.

@Stefan, this is fuel for my comments at Rotation origin - Manual vs CoBlocks & Scripting - #2 by Stefan and feature request at Animating characters using turn blocks - add visualisation of origin/direction


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You’re right but it’s very difficult to find this pivot point.

Here is one quick example:

It seems like one side is moving faster than the other.