Rotation origin - Manual vs CoBlocks & Scripting

It seems strange that objects rotated manually have a different origin (point of rotation) than when they are rotated via CoBlocks or Scripting:

  • Manual rotation => origin is exact center of object on all axes
  • CoBlocks & Scripting rotation => origin is exact center of object for XY, but at the “bottom” of the object for Z axis (ie, when initially placed on the grid, the Z position of the object is 0), except for uploaded objects.

I believe this sends mixed messages to students who have progressed from rotating objects manually to using CoBlocks/Scripting, and understandably expect the rotation to behave in the same way.

@Stefan, thoughts?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi @techleapnz,

Thanks for the feedback! I agree the difference in behavior between editing tools and CoBlocks/scripting isn’t quite clear in all cases.

We decided on this behavior due to the different needs we observed by students & teachers that build 3D spaces on one hand and program interactions for 3D items on the other. When programming the rotation and position of items it was mostly more convenient to rotate them around their pivot (located at the bottom).

However, the location of this 3D pivot isn’t very clear, and it’s definitely something we can look into improving in the future :slight_smile:

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dude im struggling hard, pls fix this. literally a nightmare using cospaces cuz of stuff like this.