Sample space, please?

I am part of a train the trainer class in Germany, which means that I am trained to train teachers/trainers who then go to schools all over my region to talk about new methods. I am in the gamification group and am currently working on a setting where the trainers we train will experience gamification, among others through VR. The plan includes to have one person outside VR guide the person “inside” through a city built with CoSpaces in order to find something.
I looked at the gallery and found the “City” example space. It is almost what I am looking for but it would be easier for me if the city looked a little more joyful (maybe not high rises but rather village style, or a model of a real city with a street map, f.ex. New York and all its sights).
Does anyone have - by any chance - such a sample space that I could copy to my spaces and then modify it? It would be easier than having to start from scratch.

Good luck! It’s sounds great. Be sure that teacher would enjoy this learning experience so much. CoSpaces Edu could be included in any subject: math, science, history, languages,… I’m a math teacher and I can give you several ideas about how to introduce Cospaces in differents projects :+1: on Twitter @molinaayuso or with this topic.