Scene dimensions - available and adjustable?

Hi all,

One of my students asks whether it is possible to adjust the dimensions of the scene. He feels that he would want to work out a design that asks for much more space .

I can’t find this option so I told him that - according to me - he has to work with the scene-dimensions laid out as per default.

Am I right? My students hopes for a negative answer

Regards Frank

Hi @Frank_Claessen,

You are right. The size of the scene are set, but you select all objects (ctrl+A) and resize them. Thus more objects fit on the stage and more space is available for creating

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Note that when you reach the limits of the scale tool, you can right-click, go to Transform, and reduce the scale even further by changing the numbers (you can get pretty insanely small!).

The camera size, however, remains the same :frowning: