Scene transitions

Hi - is there a way — when you duplicate a scene for the new scene to start where the first one ends? When I duplicate a scene , it duplicates it but all the characters and objects revert to where they were at the beginning of the prior scene. I want to have the scenes continue on with the beginning of scene 2 having everything the way it was at the end of scene 1. Of course, Incan manually do it, but it never gets into the exact position at the ending

Hi @smartears,

It depends on whether you have control over your scene ending. If you do, then you can store the positions & directions of all items in CoSpaces Properties and enact the positions & directions when loading the new scene.

See CoSpaces Edu :: Keep Position/States Between Scenes - Demo for a quick remixable demo. If there were a lot of moving items I might put them all into lists of lists, but you should get the idea with this.

Geoff @ TechLeap