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After giving a PD on CoSpaces a few months ago, one of the teachers asked about a School introduction - some high schools in our region have specializations (STEM, Arts/Music programs, etc), they go to some of the feeder schools and show the students a PowerPoint. I thought that this would be a great idea to have an interactive immersive introduction. Over winter break, I finally had a chance to build out the lesson plan. Would like to get some feedback for it before I submit it to CoSpaces as an official lesson plan. CoSpaces Feeder School Lesson plan.pdf (738.3 KB)

Nice work, Andrew! Here’s my feedback:

  1. Learning goals - “Proud of their school” => “Develop school pride”

  2. I suggest getting students to narrate each area using Upload > Sound > Record - this is much more engaging for a user, is far more personal, and helps to build confidence with speaking (in both English & French!). As an aside, most people hate hearing the sound of their own voice, so it’s good to remind them that other people are used it.

  3. “Let’s program your Text panels so that when you click on them to show information or move to another scene.” => “Let’s program your Text panels so that when you click on them they show
    information or move to another scene.”

  4. “To code, these panels double click (or right-click) and turn on the coding option.” => "To code these panels, double click (or right-click) them, select Code in the top box, then click “Use in CoBlocks”.

  5. I think the coding section needs some work. Does this assume zero-knowledge of CoSpaces? If so, it would be good to add information for adding the click event, which category they can find each block in, and it may be good to number the steps in each task.

  6. You may like to add some teacher suggestions around user testing in the classroom.

  7. This is a great purposeful use of CoSpaces Edu, and I’m sure will be a handy lesson plan for many schools!

Ka pai te mahi!


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