Script examples in the gallery or elsewhere?

Hi all,

First off - please forgive me if I seem to be asking for the obvious - I am new and try hard to look for answers to my questions before posing them here. I have looked and not or hardly found so here is my question:

Are scripted examples somehow marked in a specific way so they can be recognised?
Is there perhaps a separate collection somewhere for scripted examples?

I am already studying the API documentation. Coded examples would help a lot.

So if you have some examples/pointers ? Please . Much obliged

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Hi @Frank_Claessen,

Unfortunately, we do not have that tag at the moment.
You can find a few examples here, on the forum Coding section or ask your questions if you have any

Hi - I was going to try to find this same question - as I’m going to be getting into a 2 week intense course with some high school students and the team wanted to use Typescript vs the Coblocks. So now I have to learn typescript!!

Would love to find some tutorials me to learn or to share with my students. If not, doesn’t anyone have suggestions on where to get started?

I just did some of my own learning 2 weeks ago to help HS Students. I found the CoSpaces API pretty good once you find your way around. The Script also has API suggestions now while typing which helped me a lot.

Start the by right clicking the item and grabbing the ‘Scene.getItem()’ and setting it to a variable. The AutoFill will set it as an Animated Item. All the Animated Item methods can be found on this page:

The animation section will teach animations playing and stopping, The transform section teaches positions. The Transitions teaches movement code. OnCollisionEnter/Exit is there too on this page, as well as speech/thought syntax.

This is where it started to make more sense to me.

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Thanks for that insight - I have spend a few hours today explore and I was able to have my Rabbit say Hi and animated (based on the examples) but now I’m having trouble moving the Rabbit around. I will try some more but since I’m new to Typescript and Javascript - I’m not sure how long I can last with this. I’m not used to reading documentation and putting it into action - I need examples to help me. @Ryan_Noonan_DETNSW Would you give me a demo? or a few starter videos?
@CoSpacesEdu - Are there some lessons or anything done in coding script or is it all in CoBlocks?

Many many thanks in Advanced

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I don’t have any videos on it. This is where you want to read from:

Transition is what I’ve used so far to move characters. I find it way easier to use the moveTo() function to start with. The moveBy() function would be another option.

let tRex = Scene.getItem(“Ak0UUX5o”) as AnimatedItem;
let goal = Scene.getItem(“6aecAexw”) as AnimatedItem;
let goalPos = goal.transform.position;

tRex.transition.moveTo(goalPos, 5);

That will move the TRex in a line towards a goal taking 5 seconds while continuing to rotate the front towards a goal.

Hope that helps a little.

There is also a physics system I haven’t touched yet that appears to have applyForce(), applyImpulse() and Velocity() which I presume is another way to move characters. Maybe someone can give examples of movement using the physics system?

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Thanks for that little example - it has give me so much to work with to get the students started with moving objects around the environment.

My next goal will be to move my T-Rex around a path!

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