Seeing the coBlocks without having to scroll on the iPad

Is there a way to a) see the coBlocks without having to scroll in the window on an iPad? Also, when I open the coding on the iPad, the available blocks are in a short column and the whole block cannot be seen unless dragged into the coding area where you put them together. Students and I work on 9.7 inch iPad pros. b) Are screen shots of the blocks available to print (and have students manipulate them before going to the iPad)? I’m unable to take screenshots of them because the entire block is not visible. Even when dragged into the coding area, I need to gently scroll to see the last part of the block in many cases.

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Hi @smartears!

a) we’re working on improving the visibility of the CoBlocks in their toolbox so that you can find the blocks you need more easily.

b) do you plan to have your students paper-prototype with CoBlocks before using them on their iPads? That’s an interesting idea! What kind of blocks would you need in print?

b) we’re aware that some of the blocks are very long when dragged from the toolbox into the workspace. We’re working on splitting them up.

Thanks Stefan.
Yes – I really want to be able to allow kids to paper prototype with CoBlocks first. I work with children who have lower language levels, and by prototyping, I can work on the language aspects of the blocks, as well as help the kids ‘think’ first before exploring and creating with CoBlocks. This way, I’m able to use CoBlocks with younger children as well since they do enjoy manipulating the blocks once they learn what each one does. I’m done this with Scratch blocks before, and it seems to make a world of difference for the kids I work with.

I think in terms of what would be most efficient – I think some form of each category of blocks with individual blocks on magnetic paper, or sort of like scrabble tiles, but ones that could have the blocks printed on them.