Sequencing events

How do I sequence animated events using Blockly? e.g. I make a boy walk to a tree when the boy is clicked. I use the move block no problem. The boy is using the built in animated walking. However, now, I want him to turn around, then add a new built in animation for sitting down. Is it possible to do this using Blockly?

My second question is about where there is something like a ‘wait’ or ‘broadcast’ block – or something similar so that when one event happens, it lets other objects know so that the second event can happen in sequence with out having to click on the object

Finally, this isn’t a coding question I think — how can I duplicate a scene with all the objects in the same place for a scene two where I then add more actions and events


Yes this is possible with blockly. In the section “Transitions” you find the the block “set a looped animation for…”. You can use this block to set animations for your objects.

To make the scene wait, you can use the “Pause” block, located in the “Other” section. I hope that’s what you are searching for :slight_smile:

Duplicating a scene is also possible. You can find the option in the menu on the left.